Food for the fashion addict.


Who Am I and How Did It All Begin?

My name is Tiyesha, and I'm addicted fashion and all chic things!

Starting out as a young island girl from Barbados, I have always had an eye for fashion. Participating and assisting in any fashion related event back home fuelled my interest in the fashion industry, and as a way to keep myself immersed in the fashion culture, I created this blog! Inspired also by other Barbadian bloggers, fashion enthusiasts and Caribbean designers alike, I decide that it was my time to join the circle.  During a trip to Miami to do a Fashion Merchandising summer course, I was amazed by the art and scenery which in my mind were perfect backgrounds for photographing  style posts, and I thought "It's time to start the bloggin'!"

At that time I began to set things in place, and I shot the idea to my awesome friends Shawn and Alfie about doing the blog, and what they'd think about being a part of the team, to which they responded with an enthusiastic "yes". So with the ball rolling, I realised that I had to be different, therefore planning most of my shoots in different locations across the island to showcase its beauty, history and rich heritage. In a country where style and fashion was in my opinion stagnant and uniform, I sought to show a twist of my personal style while still highlighting the sweet island life, now also my adaptation to Paris life and fashion, living in both of these locations is an amazing experience that I can't wait to share with you.

What's New in TCA?

I've currently relocated to Paris for my studies in fashion, and I'm hoping to be successful in the very near future in order to inspire and encourage other islanders who have or will the same dream as myself to go for it!


Lots of Love