OH BOY!: Monique LaPointe

Monique Lapointe is a powerhouse girl who has achieved so much with her ambition: she began with a blog , now turned magazine; Moet and Manolos , now she manages her blog all while working for a huge American fashion house on the marketing team as a multimedia associate, at the early age of 19 years old.

OH BOY!: Vrinda Bhatnagar

The best part of studying abroad is getting to meet other international students like yourself that make lifelong friends. Vrinda, like me, comes from a warm climate (she's from Indian) and I found that we got along well with each other based on liking similar foods, my interest in her culture and teasing each other, me doing the most teasing, over her obsession with Drake

OH BOY!: Mariana Suruceanu

Mariana Suruceanucomes equipped with a very chic wardrobe with a hell of a lot of coats. Personally, I'd say coats are her guilty pleasure. Previously a medical student, Mariana switched to major in Fashion Marketing at IFA Paris, and is working toward building her career in PR and Marketing.

OH BOY!: Esther Lussan

 I first met Esther earlier this year, in April when I approached her about collaborating for a magazine project. In the time that I have known her, her eye for beautiful things (architecture, doors, nature, and scenery to name a few), and her careful analysis and planning of anything she puts her mind to has been inspiring. 

OH BOY!: Kamille Bailey

One of the realest people to know; she's not afraid to say what she's thinking (I love that about her), Kamille is a resilient girl we can learn a lot from. She's been operating her make up business KamGlam for 6 months, where she imports high end make up products that you don't find readily available in Barbados.

OH BOY!: Ona Sinkeviciute

With her angel hair that is always a striking shade of blonde, captivating blue eyes, and a confident aura to boot, she is the effortlessly cool girl that makes you want to be cool as well.