OH BOY!: Monique LaPointe

OH BOY!: Monique LaPointe

Monique Lapointe is a powerhouse girl who has achieved so much with her ambition in the past year. Just like me, she began with a blog , now turned magazine; Moet and Manolos, which she co-owns with her best friend Katie Chaplin. Since the launch of her blog, Monique has been working tirelessly behind the scenes for posts and networking: attending fashion shows and parties in both London and Paris, which is exhausting and I think she deserves tons of credit for. Now, Monique is working for a huge American fashion house working on the marketing team as a multimedia associate, at the early age of 19 years old. Now that's a milestone on her shelf!

Monique has left nothing out for the interview, divulging us inand you, my dear readers will find her story particularly interesting.

TCA: Give a brief description of yourself as a young girl, and the personality traits that you have taken with you up until now. Looking back at the younger you, what is a previous difficult experience that you are proud of the younger you handling well? 

I was definitely a curious little girl. I was always seeking adventure and trying new things. I was constantly trying to do whatever people told me I couldn’t. For example, my brother once told me I couldn’t shoot him with one of those BB guns because my aim would be all off. So, the next morning I snuck into his room while he was sleeping, stole one of his BB guns, and shot him in the butt six times with the little yellow pistols. I would say my aim was spot on. 

Looking back at that little girl, I would say that I'm proud of how I handled moving to a completely different country and attending school, having to do it all in French. At twelve years old, I moved from San Francisco to Montreal, Quebec to attend an all French private school. I'd say that my adventurous nature and openness to new things was the main reason why I was able to do this so easily. 


TCA: Do you believe in today’s idea of a “feminist movement” or do you believe in encouraging girls to participate in and achieving anything and everything that they et their hearts on?

 I think nowadays the word “feminist” is translated incorrectly to society. Being a feminist isn't about wanting women to be better than men. It is about equal rights for everyone. I think that we should be encouraging everyone to be a real feminist. It is important that little girls grow up feeling that they can do whatever their male peers are doing.  

TCA: What are you most proud of achieving "for a girl" that society at that time would not have expected / found acceptable?

I am so proud that I was able to move to a foreign country alone at the age of 17. If we lived in the 19th century, I would most likely would have never been able to do this. I would be expected to stay home, cook, clean, get married and have children as soon as possible.


TCA: If there was anything that you could say to your younger self, what would it be?

 If I could go back in time, I would tell my 10 year old self to stop looking in the mirror and picking out every insecurity I had. I would tell that little girl to stop trying to cover her acne with makeup. To stop trying to shave her legs just because all the other girls in school are doing it and to stop running circles around her backyard in hopes to become skinnier. I would tell her to stop trying to grow up and just accept the process. A 10 year old girl should be playing with Barbies and not worried that if she doesn’t grow breasts soon she will get made fun of and called “flat chest”. 

TCA: What do you think the most important lesson that women of today should teach girls; the women of tomorrow?

 It is so important that we teach little girls that it’s okay to be imperfect and to accept and love themselves for who they are. In the last 5 years, we've seen a rise in cosmetic surgery. I like to call it “The Kylie Jenner Craze”. Almost everyone wants to have bigger breasts,  fuller lips, thicker hair, etc. I do not want my future daughter thinking that in order to be considered “pretty” she has to change her body. 

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