I was totally enamored with the architecture and the rainbow track, and with such a cool location, I decided that my initial 'chic' styling wouldn't do.  What better to do than channel my inner Aaliyah β€” you know, if she had a froβ€” and show out the badass in blue.

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In BLOOM: La Vie En Vert

 Since moving to Paris, I have seen an evolution in my style but many things still remain the same.  My love for prints, bright colours, and anything which would capture your eyes in an instant hasn't changed. I still dress for comfort. 

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Turtlenecks and Tulle: TCA x Paris Fashion Week (Day One )

After the Saint Laurent show, I couldn't find my friends, so I did a bit of wandering. While thoughtlessly walking around, I spotted Julia Sarr-Jamois and nearly fainted on the spot. After having done a project last year on fashion editors, I came across this gem of a human being. I love her work, her style, and her HAIR! She's on my must follow list for instagram and one of my fashion idols. 

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