Trafaluc & Chunky Heels

Hello Everyone!

I'm super excited today for two reasons, 1. It's my 18th birthday and 2. It's my 2nd post (Yay!). I'm happy to say I'm alive one more year on this beautiful planet. Each passing day this year I have learned much more, become more mature, and dropped everything that doesn't help me to progress in any way. I'm now able to have more deep conversations with friends and family and I've shunned all the immature things I used to do. That being said, while there has been much personal progress, there are still many things I need to work and and flaws that can't be helped, but all in due time. Another thing which has evolved with me over the year would be my style.

Patience is a funny thing. Your patience is tested in the strangest of times and sometimes it feels unnecessary, but as with any test you should try your best to pass it with flying colours. Tonight I spent 2 hours putting together this post for you to then have my computer crash. Frustrated doesn't begin to express how I felt, because I was super tired and feeling accomplished that I had finally got it done (to my liking). But it's still being posted for you at 12 a.m. sharp :)

In this post I'm featuring the trousers that I mentioned to you previously, the ones I fell in love with upon meeting my soulmate in fashion, Savannah.  I really really love these trousers. They are airy, comfortable and amazingly stylish. Some would say they are different, but what's not to love about being different? These trousers are perfect for the climate of Barbados (it is really too hot these days), as the fabric is thin and you can feel the breeze as it blows on you. It suited me well for that day because as I said it was incredibly hot and it suited my mood. For those of you who love to stand out, these are perfect for you. On a regular day I'd throw on some shorts and a nice shirt and head out, but I love to dress up. Unfortunately on this island, "dressing up" implies that you are going somewhere which requires you to be fancy. Some of those fashion savvy people that don't wear uniform like I do, get to show their style every day, which I wish I could, but for now it is restricted to my weekends. Granted, if I had a closet the expanse of the Kardashians' and some free time, I would do it every day. Sadly I don't have that kind of money and I've learned to work with what I have.

The culotte high-waisted trousers I decided to pair with a white crop top. Because of my short stature, the trousers fit higher on my torso than it would a person taller than myself. Not being a fan of much jewelry, I simply accessorised with a draping necklace and a watch. I also paired the outfit with a white convertible handbag, and black chunky heeled sandals to complete the ensemble. My make-up was done by one of my team members, Alfie, is light with a purple lip to make a statement. This is also because I'd look like a clown if I applied my own make-up. Alfie always does my make-up amazingly, and I recommend him to any of you looking for an artist to do your face. (info at end of post).

Outfit Details:

Crop Top: Forever 21

Trousers: Zara (Trafaluc Collection)

Bag: Borrowed from my aunt (purchased in Miami)

Shoes: Payless (borrowed from Jasmine)

Watch: DKNY

Sunnies: Bijoux Terner

Make-up : Alphaeus Lythcott - Alphaeus Designs- Instagram: @alphaeusdesigns

Photography : Shawn Fields Photography -

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