Good Living

"Perception is greater than reality."

Hello everybody!

First of all, sorry for my late post, I still hadn't learnt my lesson about saving as I go and became discouraged after I lost all of my information. Secondly....those who are new to The Chic Addiction, welcome to my blog! To my regulars (it's only been two posts really but what the heck) welcome back! This week I started off with signs of a cold/flu, which developed and progressively got worse and left me annoyed, runny nosed and itchy throated. I'm happy to say that I'm getting better and thanking God for the small joys of returning health and recuperation. On to better things!

I had the pleasure of shooting at the good life Eco-Cafe & Bar, where the best vegan food and smoothies come into our lives. The staff were very friendly and helpful making me feel comfortable. If you ever choose to visit, do get the berry smoothie, it's absolutely delicious!

"Perception is greater than reality". Starting my blog with this quote was no mistake. This little piece of wisdom was given to me by my aunt this morning. This was the basis of most of my thoughts during the day. In life we know people will not always be on your side, everyone won't like you, it'll be different to separate your true friends from otherwise and there will be differences in opinion, and heap loads of rashly made decisions but it's all part of being human and learning about life. Through it all, the good times,the bad times,the tough as hell times... remember to be yourself and everything else will fall into place. Nobody can  be you better than you can be yourself. Remember this simple fact and you're well on your way to living the "Good Life".



 I can give you 4 of my methods of "Good Living" as I like to call it.

1. Do unto others.... 

This is the golden rule, branded into our brains by our parents, and at times it is a tough rule to follow with persons pushing your buttons. But remember to try to be nice to everyone and be a good spirit even if they're nothing but horrible to you. I'm still working on this. 

2. Surround yourself with good company 

Good company does not always equate to the actions of those around you, though this is a major factor. "You are who you hang with" is a general assumption of most people although it may not necessarily be so. The most important factor is that your company is GOOD TO YOU, and vice versa. That being with that person or those people make you a happier individual and they inspire and encourage you to do better, be better and to do fulfilling and wholesome things. These are people who love you for who you are and won't shun you even when times are tough and your relationship is on the rocks.

 3. Be a good listener

Everyone loves a good listener. Offer good advice, or advice that is in the best interest of the person. It speaks volumes. 

4.   Get some well needed R&R at least once a week (Or everyday if you have to!).

Take some time off to be by yourself, go to the beach, read a book, binge watch your favorite tv show or movies. This also includes indulging in some comfort foods (but not too much!). Rest and relaxation is important, and doing it on your own eradicates the need to enjoy yourself with company.

After doing these things and a couple of things you may do to make life and yourself a little better, you should be feeling happier and better about yourself (no money back guarantee) unless you're doing these things already, that is.

Outfit details

Dress: Nasty Gal

Sunnies: Bijoux Terner

Shoes: Payless

Backpack: Nasty Gal

Make-up: Alphaeus Designs

Photography: Shawn Fields

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