Wynwood Walls

For all of you who are here out of the kindness of your hearts, to support me, or just those who were drawn in by the first outfit, thanks for visiting my website, it's muchly appreciated. I've been going through so much stress trying to get the site just right, and I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things so forgive me, if things are a little strange at first.

My first blog post was inspired by my trip to Miami, where I attended the Miami International University of Art and Design for a Summer Studio. I met great people there, especially my awesome roommate Savannah who happens to be one of the most fashionable people I know, and a shopaholic like me. Funny enough, on the first day that I saw her I fell in love with her outfit which included an amazing pair of Zara pants, God knows how badly I wanted to snag that pair of Zara pants that she owned but she just took me to the outlet to get my own pair (LOVE YOU SO MUCH SAVVY). During my stay at the school, I learnt a lot about the fashion industry and the different aspects of it, especially how each division of the industry is completely dependent on the others. Touching on shoe design and assembly, fashion design ( this included making a dress), creating a tiny portfolio, fashion marketing and styling, and how to organize photo-shoots, I just happened to fall in love with it all a little more.

On our trip to Midtown Miami, we went to Wynwood, where we discovered Wynwood Walls, a space where some of the world's greatest graffiti and street artists displayed their work on the walls bringing the best street art and graffiti to Miami. It is here where I was inspired to start a blog and thought it best to take the photos for my first post at the Walls.


Shoes : G by Guess Boots

Hat: Borrowed from Sofiya for photo purposes

Bag: Guess

Shorts: Handmade by my grandmother

Top: Thrift shop

Belt: Forever 21

Watch: DKNY

Photos Taken By: Pierro Penizzotto


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