Jewelled Beaches

Hi everyone! I'm back from my month long disappearance! I've been super busy with work and school and I've been totally drained these past couple weeks. I've had a particular post in mind to be this one, but life is truly a funny thing, and your plans don't go always as you'd like them to sometimes.   I try to remember to be cheerful even when things don't go my way.


While splurging on yourself feels nice, one can't help but feel regretful when you realize you need the money for something more important in the future. As a spender and a lover of really nice, albeit expensive things and food, I constantly berate myself for my spending habits. With my impending graduation and heart attack inducing university fees, not to mention cost of living (if one plans to live abroad), myself and other persons my age and younger should have a savings plan to have a little pool of cash to help ourselves out where we can. This money can be used in application fees for university, to pay for tutoring, or even pay for a party or event you really want to go to. This not only eases the stress off of your parents, but makes you feel great that you can help yourself.



Amidst all the saving, just remember that you'll still want something, and take out a small fraction of the money for yourself. It won't kill. Really. Treat yourself to some ice-cream, or buy something nice for yourself. All that's left is for you and I to take my advice 😂.



While it's winter in the USA and Canada, and some European countries, we in the Caribbean are kicking it up in the warmth of the sometimes unbearable tropical sun. That being said, every day is a beach day for some of us here, and I dedicate this post to that fact today.

This time around, I'm wearing pieces from my fellow Barbadians, from my swimwear to accessories, giving everyone an idea of what these persons have to offer.

Outfit Details: 

Swimsuit: J'aime crochet

Accessories: Dollhouse Accessories

Make-up: Primadonna by Aria

Photography : Shane Leacock

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