A Chic Anniversary With Just A Little Sparkle!

Bonjour my readers!

I write this post with a heart full of joy. I have been in hibernation mode for a little while to get my creative juices flowing, but just because I haven't made a post in a while doesn't mean that I don't have great things coming for you :). 

Over the summer, I've worked on a couple ideas and collaborations with local brands, as well as preparing myself for my new life in the fashion capital of the world. Paris! (Can I get a "woop woop!")

 Swimsuit: Lotus Swim

Swimsuit: Lotus Swim

A new chapter of my life in the fashion world as we know it has begun, and I can't wait to share it with you all. Fashion week has just ended, and I unfortunately don't have photos of, or at any shows, as I have been settling in to my new home and school. I fall in love everyday with Paris, as it is a beautiful place with rich history (did I mention amazing food?) and picturesque views that bloggers such as myself drool over in our slumber. Paris is so artistic with a great background at every turn that my mind is bursting with creative concepts and ideas that I will definitely post in times to come.

This month; the 8th of October actually, I've also celebrated the anniversary of my very first blog post (exciting right?) To commemorate this huge achievement, (trust me, blogging isn't easy) I've put together a glittery collection of shots a la Shawn Fields, my magician photographer, and a couple of shots from an iPhone; (cringe worthy, I know), that I hope you will love. Some of these images have definitely made an appearance on my social media before, but this year is the year of shining for me, and I will do nothing but.

So far, my transitioning into a new culture has been going quite alright, with the exception of the big elephant in the room; the language barrier. As days go by, I'm finding it increasingly easier to pick up what is being said around me, even though I may not always have the correct way of responding at the tip of my tongue. 

At my institution of choice, I have never been more intrigued, and fully immersed in a subject that I love so very much (sorry CAPE Accounting). Each day that I learn something new, I approach it with such enthusiasm and vigour, that I'm inevitably sucked into the vortex called "The Fashion and Luxury Industry", albeit, I'll be the first to admit that I have never kept my nose stuck in a vogue issue for each month of the year; (they do have quite the hefty price tag in Barbados), I've kept up to date with the current fashions and trends through style and fashion via fashion industry influences such as Miroslava Duma- founder of Buro 24/7 and digital entrepreneur, style and fashion bloggers Negin Miraslehi, Aimee Song and Chiara Ferragni to name a few.

While I sit here regretfully wondering WHY I attended no shows this fashion week (just kidding, I'd much rather sit and watch reruns of White Collar on Netflix while eating cinnamon toast crunch), I know that there will be another fashion week just around the corner. What I didn't get to go out and see because it was just too cold ( for an island girl who didn't want hypothermia) I watched online, viewed after show photos, read reviews and learned to do my own analysis on the shows.

I did have a select few which I really loved such as the Balmain show, where Olivier Rousteing wowed us with his 180 degree turn in colour and design (not much of the military influenced pieces he normally goes for), Stella McCartney (I'm a die hard for baggy, high waisted cinched waist pants; baggy clothes in general), Hérmes and what may be definitely cliche; the Chanel show. I also had some good laughs. Commes des Garçons for example, their "pret-a-porter" collection was anything but "pret-a-porter" and had no reason being showcased at the ready to wear fashion week. The collection struck me as more Avant Garde.

But as I sit here speaking of these mostly France based brands, I mustn't forget my roots. In August, I did a quick shoot with both my mermaid dress above ( designed by myself) and some sparkly pieces from a Barbadian swimwear Brand, Lotus Swim. The shots by Shawn Fields were absolutely amazing, and I think the Barbados Tourism Authority should really hire my team, with all this promotion I'm over here doing from showing off my island.

Some more images to this collection will be added as time goes by, but I really couldn't wait to share my journey with you! 

Make-Up: Alphaeus

Photography: Shawn Fields Photography

Dress: Designed by myself

Swimwear: Lotus Swim

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