Floral KISS (Spring Fling Edition)

I think that every beginning blogger comes to a point where they compare their content to those famous bloggers who have thousands of followers and web traffic that a small scale blogger could dream to one day have. If not, at least those who have not so many, but an admirable amount of followers. You sit and wonder to yourself, "How can I be like them?", "I don't have as many clothes..or even expensive shoes or clothes like they do!" "how do I attract an audience?". Then there is the stress of balancing your normal life with updating the blog, and keeping your readers interested, bringing fresh content, and of course, the writing aspect of blogging.


I find it important as a blogger to stay true to myself and to find ways to make my posts unique, and try my utmost best to not become a carbon copy of other fashion and style bloggers. It gives me an edge that I like. While my outfits may not be as expensive as Miroslava Duma, Negin Miraslehi, Micah Gianelli, or even Jane Alridge from Sea Of Shoes (whose shoe closet could easily and comfortably pay my three years of college tuition), I do have something of my own to offer.

Caribbean girls; namely Bajan (or Barbadian for the non-natives) like myself, who have walked into the fashion, style and beauty blogging world and have made a footprint in the sand, such as Gigi Farier, Charmaine Daudu, Alana Doherty, Zoe Allamby, and Melanie Thorpe who have all inspired me to start my own blog, have all done tremendous work on their blogs and YouTube videos. I'll include their blogs, Instagram and YouTube information at the end of my post :)



The great thing about each of us as individual bloggers from my observation, is that we all have a different style, no matter if there are a few similarities here or there. 

In other news for you my dear readers, I am pursuing my dream of working in the fashion industry! I am EXTREMELY excited about this new life journey I will be embarking upon within the next couple of months, and I can't wait to share more details with you as they come!

I have a lot planned out for summer, including a special summer edition for you all! Stay tuned because the ideas are amazing! I'm happy and grateful for my team who have been constants from the inception, and for the behind the scenes assistance from friends who give me great criticism and ideas to put forward to you all! 


This time around, my outfit consists of... 

Top - KISS by Kesia Estwick

Trousers - Forever 21

Sunnies - T'is Copacetic

Tote - Guess? (Had to make a pun) 

Jewellery/Accessories -  DKNY, MICHAEL KORS, GUESS

Photography -  Shawn Fields


As promised, here are the bloggers and vloggers' information! Do check out their social media, you'll love what they offer. 

Gigi Farier- Instagram: gigifarier   Website: aswornbygigi.wordpress.com

Alanna Doherty-  Instagram: alannanicolex  Website: alannanicolex.com

Charmaine Daudu- Instagram: charmsie  YouTube: MissCharmsie

Melanie Thorpe- Instagram: melaniereneet  Website: styledbymelanierenee.blogspot.com

Zoe Allamby- Instagram: zoeallamby Youtube: CaribBeauty