Chrome (Spring Fling Edition)

A happy Sunday to everyone! Welcome to The Chic Addiction to all my regular and new readers! This week I bring to you a completely different style to my regular dresses, bright colours, and floral prints.

The shoot for this post was one of the most fun experiences I've had in a while, and yes that's a damn gorgeous motorcycle I'm on, all thanks to Mr.Robinson for letting me use this beauty. The atmosphere was light and fun with jokes and drinks being passed around. I wish I could have shared this moment with you!


I was feeling a different vibe for this outfit, channeling my inner badass (This doesn't happen to often). I'm a girl who likes comfort, and for all my comfort lovers, this outfit is a match made in heaven. Paired with my I don't really care hair, I'm wearing tulip shorts from Forever 21, regular sports bra, and a cardigan/shirt I bought from ROSS. Let's not forget my booties from Traffic ;)


Laid back, carefree and fun were the emotions I was feeling that day, and I can't stress more the importance of having that feeling after being stressed for quite a while. Yes, it's important to just be free of worry. In a time full of stress, remember to take some time out to wind down and enjoy some time with your friends and family, or even yourself. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but the repetition augments its importance. Each and everyone's happiness plays a tremendous role in the lives of others. The little things which make us happy are the most important in life, and you alone hold the key to your own happiness.


I'm in the process of gathering everything for my next upcoming posts, and I promise you, this summer will not be boring! So keep a keen eye out for my updates, I'll be dropping them at random like Beyonce and Rihanna with their albums!

Here are the details of the shoot!

Make-Up: Alphaeus

Photography: Shawn Fields Photography


Cardigan: ROSS stores

Boots: Traffic

Accessories: Michael Kors & DKNY

Another special thanks to Chris Robinson for a permitting me to use his motorcycle!


Thanks to you all for reading this week!  See you soon :)

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