Turtlenecks and Tulle: TCA x Paris Fashion Week (Day One )


As I sit here cross-legged, eating a cup of yogurt, I'm trying to find the best way possible to describe my first day of fashion week where I actively participated. 

Like a good promise keeper, I'm here typing my life away to give you some updates on every day in my life at Paris Fashion week. Today I had photos taken by mostly street photographers and totally omitted taking my own β€” I'm a bad girl β€”  but I do have these ones I managed to snap when leaving MusΓ©e Rodin earlier today. A truly eventful day for me, I have some pretty awesome things (in my humble opinion) that I did today. The first was actually making it to the Christian Dior show, not caring that I couldn't actually go in due to lack of physical invitation,  but being in the presence of so many fashion loving and fashion savvy individuals was enough for me.

   While there, I was able to meet and talk to Nicholas Pakradooni, the photographer and videographer for one of my favourite bloggers, Aimee Song from Song of Style! He was super nice and gave me some pointers and advice to making my photos more awesome, and getting into video content (is that a hint I'm giving?)  It's great to see how people remain so sweet and humble even after travelling the world and working for such well known people.

Besides being photographed by street style photographers (which is pretty damn exciting, I'll admit), I made personal notes on trends and styles, many of which I've taken into consideration for the upcoming week. To some of my fellow Caribbean folk (actually located in the Caribbean, let's not get offended here) who are sometimes a step or two behind in fashion trends, MONOCHROME IS IN. 



Saint Laurent was my second, and final destination (no pun intended) for the day, and the great thing about it was anyone could see the show. Saint Laurent; whether it was a deliberate tactic on their part or not, included the regular "common folk" absent of invitation to be able to see a spectacle that normally one doesn't exactly have the luck to attend on a seasonal basis. It was located at the Trocadero Gardens, which gave an amazing set. Don't believe me? Check out the videos or photos from the collection images online.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

The icing on the cake was the Eiffel Tower sparkling on the finale of the show. As I've realised from living in Paris, the Eiffel Tower only sparkles and shimmers every hour on the hour for about 3 to 4 minutes( great travel tip for those of you wanting to visit), so Saint Laurent pulled out the stops with the one.

After the Saint Laurent show, I couldn't find my friends, so I did a bit of wandering. While thoughtlessly walking around, I spotted Julia Sarr-Jamois and nearly fainted on the spot. After having done a project last year on fashion editors, I came across this gem of a human being. I love her work, her style, and her HAIR! She's on my must follow list for instagram and one of my fashion idols. I did my calming breaths countdown, contemplated what was the worst thing that could happen if I spoke to her, and voila! I have a new photo with Madame Sarr-Jamois, and a near death experience to boot! I very truthfully, nearly turned into liquid jelly form.

My outfit today was a combination of preparation for autumn and "I don't want summer to be one already!". I chose my favourite turtleneck for this season from ASOS and a pair of jeans. To add a little spice to the equation, I pulled on my tulle and black pearl skirt and chose my Magnified Sea Fan clutch from Island Bags by Lilian Russell. To accessorise the outfit, I used one earring that was made by a local artisan from St.Lucia, and my Taylor sunglasses from Komono's SS17 collection. What do you think about my outfit? Leave a comment below and don't forget like and share with your friends!