The transition from summer to fall and then into winter is a particularly difficult time for me. Why? My “365 days of summer” wardrobe just never agrees with it. After having lived in Paris for two and a half years, you would think that I have mastered the art of transition dressing, but I’ve only just begun to try my hand at actually piecing together outfits that meet my standards of both comfort and style.

A common mistake that I’d make is dressing too warm for the actual weather in preparation for what I thought was going to be a very cold day.

Here are a few important guidelines that I follow for my fall wardrobe:

  1. Always wear a presentable undershirt in case the weather begins to warm up and you need to strip off one layer (or two during winter).

  2. Wear loose, breathable fabrics which are perfect for optimal comfort levels, especially when you are frequently walking so that when you work up a sweat, you don’t cook underneath your layers.

  3. That cute summer dress that you love so much? It’s perfect for this fall weather and the not so bad winter days. Use my secret weapon of leggings (thermal or otherwise) or 30 den tights underneath the skirt of the dress!

  4. Throw on your crop tops/ bustiers over a turtleneck sweater or shirt: This works in some cases where the crop top is simple and doesn’t have too complex of a design. This combination looks great with a pleated skirt or ripped denim jeans.

  5. Never leave guessing the wind chill factor to the last minute.

In Paris, a common sight for outfits is darker colours as the cold winds come. Not to mention that in fashion, black is frequently worn because of the effortlessly edgy and chic appeal that it has. I love colour and try to wear something that incorporates a bold if not loud colour daily. This also boosts your overall mood. I enjoy being the bearer of colour during the darkest and dreariest days.


Photos taken by Lamic Kirabo