I’d like to wish all of you; my readers old and new, a very Merry Christmas!

Admittedly, spending the holidays alone from friends and family is not something one would willingly sign up for, but it isn’t all that bad. 

I haven’t exactly found the spirit of the holidays, not even here on Christmas Eve bundled up in my apartment with no tree or the things that make my usual Christmas what it is. There’s not the scent of rum cake — although this will be remedied soon — nor a baking Farmer’s Choice ham to slice later on for a juicy ham cutter, or even the Christmas jingles that I hear while preparing food before the rush to get ready for midnight mass, but nonetheless I am content.

Christmas marks a rapid close to the end of the year, one which has been very eventful and filled with opportunities for me and for that I am grateful. However, with plenty reminders that the sun shines bright and warmly where most of my loved ones are for the holidays I’ve compiled a list of things (or should I say distractions)  that loners like myself can do on Christmas Day to take your mind off of things! 

  1. Catch up on your Christmas shopping, if you’re a late bird like myself.

Better late than never! We all love to give for the holidays and depending on who it is, you want to make the extra effort in finding that one gift you know (or hope) that the receiver will love. Use Christmas Day to surf the internet and find those things that would make you the best gift giver.

One cool gift that I have in my Holiday Gift Guide is a travel steamer from Steamery Stockholm , which I’ve admittedly been drooling over for the last few months since wrinkly clothes are a big deal for me (and my family lol!)

2. Watch Dr.Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” or your personal christmas film favourites

As my one of my favourite childhood authors (Green Eggs & Ham) , Dr.Seuss can lift my spirits at any time. This movie is a great watch as you pick up on some of the jokes you missed as a child, and plus, The Grinch is such a relatable character and has been the source of lots of good humour this holiday season to pull you out of that bum feeling.

3. Cook up a storm, dress up pretty, and eat all of it… who’s going to judge?

Ordering in won’t be an option, so waking up early enough to cook up a storm for the entire day helps with the laziness that you’ll have after eating each meal!

4. Relax.. and take it easy.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Take the day off and do a face mask or opt for taking a bubble bath and sipping on some wine (or eggnog if you prefer). You can even listen to my Chill Vibes playlist if you’re also in the mood to discover new music!

5. Make your plans & preparations for the next year, whatever they may be.

Christmas is normally an inspiring day and the best time to outline your goals and aspirations for the New Year and set them into place. Maybe even squeeze in your ‘Bonne Résolutions’ as the French say. After Christmas there are only 6 more days until the New Year, and they roll in pretty quickly! So get ready to make your inspirational mood-boards, and ready your quotes and goals for the upcoming year!

6. Treat yourself to something nice! You deserve it for doing this alone.

Last but by no means least, treat yourself to something nice. Is it a day at the spa for that massage you might really need? A weekend getaway? Or maybe a pair of shoes or that outfit which you’ve been eyeing for a while? Maybe it’s that ice cream that’s laying in the freezer. Whatever it is, go for it!

Whatever you choose to do while alone this holidays, profitez bien, et Joyeux Noël à tous!!

À bientôt!

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Sweater: MANGO

Skirt: Zara

Boots: Üterque Black Cowboy Boots

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