In BLOOM: La Vie En Vert

Dress & Earrings  ZARA    

Dress & Earrings ZARA



 Since moving to Paris, I have seen an evolution in my style but many things still remain the same.  My love for prints, bright colours, and anything which would capture your eyes in an instant hasn't changed. I still dress for comfort. 

My post this week was inspired by the Paris metro line Opéra, which has become a frequent transfer station for me and always has the best visual displays. I normally travel from this stop to Saint Lazare station, using the same route on my return home.


This particular day that I took these photos, it wasn't extremely cold, but I nearly froze anyway. You'd think that after spending nearly two full years in Paris, I would have become more acclimatized to winters, but I experienced a chill like no other in these past few days. With the undecided weather patterns that Paris was experiencing: snow, rain, snow again, I was happy to have one great shooting day.


Paris has some really beautiful stations, but as I mentioned before, the Opéra metro stop always has the best decorative themes. Gucci took over the visual merchandising for one part of the station transformed it with their floral wallpaper print, giving it a vintage apartment feel for the promotion of their fragrance BLOOM.  I made no second guesses in deciding to shoot here and it was the best location for me to also give you a glimpse into a small part of my everyday life in Paris. I regularly take this line to get to and from work, and on the metro I prefer to wear more comfortable clothing, so I opted to wear my oversized glitter dress layered over a long sleeved t-shirt to battle the final winter winds.

OPERA 4.jpg

Photography by Edrice Dostrel