More than anything, I enjoy life in colour. Not just any colours, but vibrant, bold colours. Colour inspires me in a way that nothing else does, and expression through colour is what I look forward to doing and seeing every time I get ready or look for locations to dine, relax or just shoot. 


I love dressing for comfort, because who really has time to be tugging at their clothes every ten minutes? Since moving to Paris, I've really embraced a sporty look which I never totally noticed was there. The trousers that I'm wearing came from here, and they're absolutely easy to move around in (running for the metro, lol) and breathable for the upcoming summer heat.


My all white ensemble doesn't scream vibrant, but instead, is a stark contrast to the colourful Pigalle Basketball court. If you're familiar with Pigalle, you'll know that there is much to love about this area. 

It's bright, bold and buzzing, filled with: yes, sex shops, awesome restaurants, my favourite bar: Dirty Dick, and people who know how to fully and effectively express themselves. If you're familiar with me, you'll know that I dress brightly, but I also love a killer all white piece or ensemble.


To pull this look together, I did a little deep search for some pieces that I bought between two to four years ago. I love pulling things out that people haven't seen in a long time, since it provides me with the element of surprise. It also helps to remember sometimes that not everyone has seen you wear an outfit, and if the whole world has, just switch it up a bit and make that outfit look new. 

My white mesh top (similar) was from 4ever Glam back home in Barbados, and the white crop top (similar) underneath from Forever 21. It's now spring in Paris and things are warming up enough to take the risk of wearing crop tops, layering just one or two pieces over in order to keep the chilly winds off of your skin. 


Athleisure continues to be a huge trend as the growing worldwide population, just as I do, seek comfort without having to sacrifice their style. Top fashion editors such as Julia Sarr Jamois, and stylist Aleali May— my all time favourites— really know how to incorporate cool kicks and fashion forward pieces to really pull off the 'off duty' athleisure look, even when on duty.

At any point of this adventure in Pigalle, I could comfortably and easily move around, or probably shoot a couple hoops. Or at least I dream of being able to. Shooting hoops is not my forte. I can barely dribble and run at the same time. Granted, an all white outfit might not be the most ideal to play a game of basketball, but is totally chic to style in as you glide across the court.


I'll let you in on one thing that I noticed about this location at the very last moment. It was painted in the colours of the instagram icon, something subtly familiar that pulls you in. It caused me to ponder the question ' Was it these familiar colours that compelled me to take photos here to share?'.  Let me now what you all think! 

Gros Bisous! 


Photographer: Sun Hee Kwak

Location: Pigalle Basketball