It's been three weeks of consistent posting on TCA, and I'm falling in love with the creative flow that comes every time I create an image or allow my fingers to flow freely over my keyboard. I don't get that feeling anywhere else. 

By now, I'd guess that you're probably thinking, 'Oh no. Not ANOTHER white outfit'. But for me, it's 'OH YESSSS! ANOTHER WHITE OUTFIT!'. 


The perfect white suit can be perfect for any season, but my favourite period to see it is in the late spring, bordering summer. Stark white against the vibrant, bold colours of summer makes a white suit takes the wind out of people (in a good way).

How do I like my suits you ask? Oversized. 


I purchased this ensemble from MANGO, a brand who I've been loving this season, and paired it with this lemon lace bralette from & Other Stories my all time fave store!

So just a recap:  I like white suits, and I like oversized (comfort). So what do we get? An oversized white suit! 

However, I also love to see a fitted, well tailored suit on women. It gives off an air of power, control, sex appeal if styled correctly, and the wow factor every woman wants. 


The first thing I consider when purchasing clothing is comfort. You know, since I walk everywhere, and do cool things around riding bikes at Versailles! LOL.

 At first, this outfit was a little tricky. The blazer fit perfectly, but since I'm so short  the trousers kind of dragged. And we all know what that means when it comes to the white trousers.

Of course, what's an outfit without accessories? I paired some beaded hoop earrings from MANGO with it. MANGO being THAT brand which has definitely been killing the accessories game for this season.


I sincerely hope that you've all been keeping up to date with the posts, and if you haven't, don't worry I won't bite you! Well, not hard at least. If you're guilty of the latter, you know, not reading the posts? Now is the perfect time to sign up for the blog newsletter here, so that you never miss another TCA post. 

Until next time! A Bientôt! Ciao! You know, all those good things you tell people until the next time you see them. But seriously. Until then, stay chic, and stay addicted (to this blog!).