Outfit Details-   Trousers: & Other Stories, Top: ASOS, Basket: Zara

Outfit Details- 

Trousers: & Other Stories, Top: ASOS, Basket: Zara


Almost everyone enjoys brunch. For early risers who can't stomach eating much as soon as they eat, brunch is a perfect middle ground, and for late risers, it's the perfect excuse to have a hearty meal, the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch menu options!  Today however, I'm not here to talk about what's on the brunch menu, but instead, how to create the perfect summer brunch outfit. 

Summer is my favourite season, but way too hot for tight clothing, so I'd suggest that you always opt for something loose which is easily ventilated. I'm not that much of a shorts loving girl anymore, so I go for the baggy straight pants, culottes or palazzo style and pair it with a top (or dress) that I can play around with! 

JPEG image-5F13A580761D-1.jpeg

Improvising and messing around with what you have in your closet is also what makes a plethora of styles and gives the appearance of a closet filled with clothes. Turn your jumpsuit into a trousers by tucking the upper part into the bottom, or turn your dress into a shirt by folding and tucking appropriately to give the illusion that you have more to your closet! Combining two separate prints, or prints and solid, bold colours is a must.

Funnily enough this top I have pictured here is actually a dress that I tucked in to have a cute combination of a print and solid colour for my brunch date with Third Local.

Let me know what you think about this outfit, and what your styling secrets are to get more from your closet!