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Almost everyone enjoys brunch. For early risers who can't stomach eating much as soon as they eat, brunch is a perfect middle ground, and for late risers, it's the perfect excuse to have a hearty meal, the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch menu options!  Today however, I'm not here to talk about what's on the brunch menu, but instead, how to create the perfect summer brunch outfit. 

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Turtlenecks and Tulle: TCA x Paris Fashion Week (Day One )

After the Saint Laurent show, I couldn't find my friends, so I did a bit of wandering. While thoughtlessly walking around, I spotted Julia Sarr-Jamois and nearly fainted on the spot. After having done a project last year on fashion editors, I came across this gem of a human being. I love her work, her style, and her HAIR! She's on my must follow list for instagram and one of my fashion idols. 

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